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The 100k Factory Ultra Edition Reviewed


Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are the creators of the 100k Factory Ultra Edition system. There has been a lot of buzz in the various online forums and chat rooms on what this system has to offer.

Many people are inquisitive about the 100k Factory Ultra Edition system and are keen to learn and earn from it. Well, this system is going to be re-launched later this month having been launched last year. The blog seeks to explain what the program is all about.

Facts about the program

Training guide

Well, the 100k Factory Ultra Edition is a training guide that is meant to teach individuals to build professional hghghggfgfwebsites and get the required traffic that will enable them to make more revenue. The program comes with tools that will help in the training and impacting of the interested individuals.

The trainees will be taught how to customize and craft their websites by using the WordPress platform. The program also seeks to help enlighten the trainees how to create the relevant content to their sites.

Entirely new product

The 100k Factory Ultra Edition program that will be re-launched in April 2016 is totally different from the one that was launched last years. There has already been an excitement especially from the section of the population that used the last year’s program and reaped big. The new system has been re-built and revised from ground.

The intention was to build a stronger and more robust system that will make more people earn big. Some of the challenges that were experienced in the older system have also been addressed.

Cool software suite

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have temporarily developed a very cool software suite. This software suite is intended to boost the revenue and the conversion rates of the websites or the online business. Remarkable results and earnings are expected to be recorded with 14 days. Generally, individuals usually pay $97 monthly fee to use such software. However, the creators are offering access to their customers although for a short time.

Additional software tools

yrwqwgfgfOther software tools that are meant to help the online business make higher returns are available on request. There are tools and support systems that have been put in place to help keep the trainees on the right track.

A private Facebook account for the students has also been set up to assist in the networking of the students. Students can ask questions and raise their concerns on any other issue concerning the program on this platform. There is also a live customer support to respond to the problems raised in real time.…