The world of seo is quickly changing, and the way things are being done is quite different from years back. Two years ago keyword optimization was the main thing used to focus on when looking talking about search engine optimisation for websites. People have now realized that for your website to rank well, you need more than keywords.

All aspects of you sight might be top-notch. Other website owners are working hard, and you have to keep up with completion and try and become the best. Appearing on the first page of Google takes a lot of hard work.

2016 seo tricks

Relevance of website contentsahgdahgdhas

Long gone are the days when web owners used to put a bunch of information on their website carelessly. The relevance of information is now the main thing. Information posted on the website should be relevant to the kind of website that you have.

The content posted should also be high quality. This means aspects like good grammar and proper paragraphing should never be underestimated. As much as you put the necessary keywords in the content, don’t overemphasize this and forget about the quality of content you are giving readers.

Use videos and not just images

In the recent past, using videos alone was enough to make your website optimized, but now the audience is demanding more than that. They want to interact better with your content and get a proper understanding, and clearly images are not doing the trick anymore.

Providing quality videos along with your web content is the only way to stay relevant now in the market. Readers of your site will appreciate the effort, and this will give your website an upper hand. There are also instances where you can give audios. The secret is to stay on top of your game always.

Interactive website

This is a verjshfjshdfjshfy important aspect of seo. Always make sure that your website is user-friendly and interactive to users. It is important that your visitors take the least amount of time when trying to search for something. This is by making the website design simple and putting similar information on the same side.

If your website is too complicated, no one will want to visit your website, and this is bad for your web ranking. It is also important to check the content font color and the background colors to ensure you content is visible. These are small details that determine the performance of your site.

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