The main intention of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to have your website, or your client’s website placed as high as possible in Google and other search engines for certain key terms. The higher a site is listed in the organic results of a search, the greater the chance the site has to be visited by a user. Therefore, SEO ensures that a certain site is accessible to search engines and helps to improve its chances of being detected by the search engine. There are certain practices that web content producers and webmasters should follow to help them achieve a better ranking in search engine results hence. This article outlines the guidelines on how to become an SEO expert.

1. On-page optimizationSEO 106

It is impossible to develop a successful SEO campaign without first optimizing your page as per the best SEO practices that are:

· Keywords

Research your keywords well and balance them between the amount of traffic they will bring and the level of competition. You should have a max of 1-2 keywords per page.

· Title tags

Each page should have a title tag, and you should not rank the business name or URL that should come naturally.

· Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are used to specify the page and get the readers to click if they would like to read the entire article. Use the keyword in the Meta description.

· Robot.txt

The Robot.txt tell the search engines what to index and what not to.

2. Content

It is simple and plain, if you are not producing high-quality content, you will be way behind the many competitors. Google updates ensure that all low-quality content can no longer secure favorable rankings.

SEO 1073. Links

The more links a site has, the higher the ranking and the higher the quality of the links meaning links from high-quality source and from large and relevant sites, the more likely your ranking will improve.

Links are very valuable when it comes to SEO. A link from a high-quality source is worth hundreds of links from a spam blog; spam links do more harm to a blog than good hence should be avoided.

4. Competitive Analysis
This is an important component when working for a company with a strong competition. You should compare the website of the competitors and get ideas of the key terms as well as understand the weaknesses and strength of the site. You should also take advantage of the things that they are not doing so well.

The above information is the basic requirements of becoming an SEO expert; the article will guide you into becoming an SEO.

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